Trainer Khabib Nurmagomedova, Javier Mendes, noted that during the fight with Dustin Porrier he had no worries because of an American attempt to strangle a Russian. In the third round of the match, Porrier unsuccessfully tried to finish with the guillotine.

– I mentally laughed because I understood that Dustin would destroy his hands. Before my eyes, Habib’s work was going on in the hall with the first division fighter Kyle Krichmer. He took Habib to asphyxiation. Then I thought – this is the end. He expected that for the first time I would see how Habib was knocking, he even got on the phone to capture this moment. Before that, he told me that he never gave up. And then he somehow got out of that position. I don’t understand how he did it at all. For this reason, I was not worried about the guillotine from Porrier. He only worried that the referee would consider that Habib had already fallen asleep. But it was clear from his hands that this was not so, said Mendes.

Recall that on September 7, Habib in the title fight defeated Porrier with a suffocating trick.

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