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Trump estate Mar-a-Lago endangered by hurricane

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"The possible storm surge will be four to five and a half meters high"

During the course of Monday, the cyclone "Dorian" is expected on the east coast of Florida. In the WORLD studio meteorologist Alexander Hildebrand explains the expected strength and possible effects of the hurricane.

The fear of hurricane "Dorian" is great. The homes of millions of people, the Walt Disney World amusement park, and President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate are in its predicted path.

Hurrikan "Dorian" has continued to gain strength on his way to Florida. The US National Hurricane Warning Center upgraded it to an "extremely dangerous" second highest level storm. On Saturday, with winds of 225 kilometers per hour, he was heading for the northwestern islands of the Bahamas, arriving in Florida on the night of Tuesday (local time).

Meteorologists could not say with any certainty whether he would hit the east coast of Florida directly or rather pass by. After some computer models, it was possible that "Dorian" could move north off the coast. "There is hope," said meteorologist Jeff Masters of Weather Underground.

But millions of people in Florida were already preparing for the storm, heavy rains and storm surges, barricaded windows, and stockpiled supplies. Among others, the potential course of "Dorian" also Walt Disney World and President Donald Trump property Mar-a-Lago. Asked by a reporter if he was worried, Trump said on Friday, "Yes, it seems Mar-a-Lago is right in the middle of it, but see Mar-a-Lago's self-evident. It's a very powerful place. "

It could become a "record hurican," he warned. "It could be one of the biggest ever. So far, to be honest, it does not look good, "said the President. Some local authorities came to this conclusion.

Tropical Weather Trumps Resort

Mar-a-Lago is a very powerful place, says Donald Trump

Source: AP / Alex Brandon

And this among others in the district of Brevard County on the east coast of Florida. The first forced evacuations were ordered there – inhabitants of offshore islands, potential flooding areas and less stable dwellings must therefore be brought to safety no later than Sunday mornings.

"Do not evacuate into the path of the storm"

Trump has tentatively declared a state of emergency for Florida. Large-scale evacuations were initially ordered, as the storm, which moves only at 17 kilometers per hour, will still need days. And even Disney World remained open on the long weekend – in the US on Monday holiday. "Sometimes if you evacuate too early, you could evacuate into the path of the storm if it changes," said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In some districts, however, residents of low-lying areas have already been prepared to leave their homes and caravans on Sunday.

Trump flew to Camp David on Friday night, the country home of US presidents. He would be back on Sunday afternoon to coordinate the authorities' efforts before the storm arrived, Trump said.

Politicians called on residents to stock up on sufficient supplies. Television images from Florida showed people who were in supermarkets with drinking water and durable food supplies for many days. At petrol stations partly long lines formed.

Upgraded – and "Dorian" continues to gain strength

A Category Four hurricane typically involves destructive winds that can cause catastrophic damage. Houses are likely to be covered, many trees and power poles buckle under the pressure of the gusts, which can reach up to 250 kilometers per hour.

As a result, affected areas could be out of power and uninhabitable for days or even weeks, as the US authorities warn. The hurricane will also bring heavy rains and flooding.

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"Dorian" continued to gather power over the 29 degrees Celsius water of the Atlantic. The center of the storm slowly moved towards the northern Bahamas. The storm reached on Friday evening wind speeds of about 215 kilometers per hour.

Trump had expressed his concern on Thursday that the hurricane could be just as consequential as Hurricane "Andrew" – or worse. When "Andrew" hit Florida's east coast in 1992 as a Category Five storm, scores of people lost their lives. Damage in various states at that time amounted to approximately 43 billion US dollar.

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The storm warning hits the US on an extended weekend – Monday is a holiday there. Some airlines let passengers rebook flights for free, as US media reported.

In the Bahamas, "Dorian" was expected on Sunday. Storm surges could raise the water level by up to five meters.

Hurricane "Dorian" across the Atlantic

Hurricane "Dorian" across the Atlantic

Source: AP

Florida prepares for hurricane "Dorian"

Shopping in the rain to prepare for "Dorian"

Source: dpa / Charles Trainor Jr

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