The Mexican peso he recovered a large part of his losses, but he lacks to reach the levels he had against the dollar after two weeks ago.

The currency of the United States is located at $ 19.64 pesos interbank – that is, for large quantities – while in bank windows and exchange houses it has a range between $ 20.05 and the $ 20.17 pesos, according to reports from institutions such as Citibanamex and BBVA Bancomer. Figures that could change during the day.


The advance of the Mexican currency is mainly due to the decline of the dollar worldwide, due to bad data in manufacturing and construction in the United States.

The Aztec currency, however, remains above the $ 20 pesos for minimum transactions, although for the elderly it has moved away from that figure, an important fact for the President's Government Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The dollar also gave ground to the pound sterling and the yen, but guarantees against the euro.


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