Huawei has revealed the trick it used to save the phone "Mate 30" and "Mate 30 Pro" from the ban imposed by the company "Google" US on the operating system "Android".

The magazine "Forbes" American report on that trick, which resorted to "Huawei" to overcome the idea that the phone "Mate 30" and "Mate 30 Pro" will not enjoy the basic applications of the operating system "Android".

Huawei has announced earlier that the phone "Mate 30" and "Mate 30 Pro" will not enjoy the services of the store "Google Play" nor major Android applications such as e-mail "Gmail" and "Google Maps" or YouTube.

It revealed that it used an old technology, namely the application of the "boot loader" or so-called "Launch Loader", which can download the main applications desired by the user, after the completion of the key steps to operate the phone.

Huawei said that this method may be a step towards the elimination of the operating system "Android" once and for all.

In the past, there were security concerns about the program, but the Chinese company has provided maximum security for its users so that they can download their favorite applications themselves, Huawei chief executive Richard Rio said in remarks quoted by the Android Autoroute.

Huawei said that all these applications are available in an alternative store for "Google Play", namely, "Gallery" of the company "Huawei" itself.

It is expected that all this will appear when the official launch of the phone "30" in the global markets on September 26.


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