We remember what an unusual (and for some even wild) story happened at Torpedo in early summer after the club won the PFL championship and triumphantly made it to the first division. With a winning coach Igor Kolyvanov they did not renew the contract, but instead the management invited Sergey Ignashevichwhose coaching experience was limited to just one season in the “youth team” of CSKA as an assistant.

Many took this step incredulously. “Torpedo” could be suspected either in adventurism or in an attempt to promote, but in reality everything turned out completely different. Ignashevich really turned out to be a talented, smart coach, who in the shortest possible time created a combat-ready team with a recognizable style and brought it to the clean first place with the result of the 9th round with the result + 7 = 1-1, goal difference: 16-7.

Torpedo leads the FNL. At the stadium, an atmosphere from a different era

Sincere report.

How did this become possible? Below is a brief guide to the coaching approach of the illustrious ex-“army man”.

Transfers: 60 percent team renewal

After entering the top division, the leadership and the coaching staff traditionally have a question: how radically do you need to update the roster for a successful game at a higher level? Some, either due to lack of money or due to psychological moments (“the guys won a ticket – let them play it themselves”) manage with minimal changes, and most often such stories end with an instant fall down.

Ignashevich immediately understood: in order to win at the FNL, and not just exist in the second half of the table, he would need a massive renovation. He refused the services of many of last year's key players – partially or fully. Gone striker Tar (24 games in PFL last season) and Tregulov (21), midfielders Kashaev (19) and Troyanov (11) flank defender Ponikarov (18). Packer Selyukov sat in a dead reserve, captain Sergey Shustikov comes out only in the endings, defender Artyom Samsonov turned into a player rotation. Only four play stably from last year's backbone: the central defender Shorkinopornik Lyahforwards Galoyan and Sergeev. The rest are content with a more modest time.

For other positions, Ignashevich and the sports department tried to find more powerful performers. Financial resources, despite the status of the owner, Torpedo is not at all unlimited, the budget for black and white by the standards of the FNL is the most ordinary – 330 million rubles. Conditional Glushakova and Tarasova the club could not afford, too high salary costs.

However, even with the available resources, Torpedo worked great in the transfer market. Experienced and seen everything, but not much in demand in the RPL 32-year-old Ryazantsev and 36 year old Lebedenkorecently joined by a 32-year-old Shishkin. The remaining newcomers are not yet untwisted, but really strong performers by the standards of FNL. And it is important to note that they all came as free agents. And almost all of them are already beneficial on the field. From the list below, only a young striker Tatarinov did not have time to prove himself, but he was invited as a reservist for growth.

Tactical model: according to the commandments of Goncharenko

From the very first matches, Ignashevich relied on the stability of the composition and system. He is not characteristic of large-scale rotation, sudden movements and global tactical adjustment for rivals. He dances from his own human resources and vision of the game. The main model, which changes only in extremely rare, episodic cases, is 3-4-3. According to this system, Ignashevich managed to work at the sunset of his career in CSKA with Victor Goncharenko.

This model works as follows. “Torpedo” has two point guard in the center of the field – Ryazantsev and Lyakh (Kalugin) with a good total volume. Wingers Samoshnikov are responsible for the flanks (a guy with tremendous speed and endurance, capable of making a breakthrough across the entire field at the 95th minute) and Magal (also gives the volume of attacking inclusions on the right, technical, tough, with high-quality delivery), and the extreme attackers either saturate the center , or, if you need help in width, the flank zones shift and overload.

The system is well balanced and allows Torpedo, firstly, it is dangerous to attack the flanks (two or three people stably open in the penalty box for transfer, and if the opornik manages to rise, then all four), and secondly, they are relatively stable when counterattacking opponents . At least four people remain behind: three central defenders and one opornik. At the same time, Ryazantsev and Lyakh (Kalugin), as a rule, are not included in the penalty box.

And let no one be bothered by the presence of three central defenders. Ignashevich’s “Torpedo” is not a defensive, but a bold team, trying to play from a position of strength. In six out of nine games, black and white showed the best numbers on ownership.

Experienced Veteran's Fist

Ryazantsev and Lebedenko have already become key players in the team, and the same can be said about Shishkin – barely having signed the contract, he immediately began to leave in the starting lineup. Ignashevich found for everyone the optimal role on the field.

Shishkin, once a nimble back guard, at 32 is not easy to give the same amount of speed work on the flank – so the coaching staff sees him as either a central midfielder or the right central defender in the top three. He is responsible for fast forward with the development of the attack and a short rally.

Lebedenko did not become a finalist, but an accomplice forward. He searches for space in the semi-flank zones, helps to play the ball in depth, supports Sergeyev in the center of the attack with awnings. As an indicator of his work – leadership in the team in key and cutting gears. In the last game with Tekstilshchik, for example, it was Lebedenko who made the decisive passes in all three assists.

Finally, Ryazantsev, who often played closer to attack in his youth, now sank deeper and turned into an opornik, but with creative functions. His duties include getting out of defense through a short pass, supplying flanks with balls, supporting the attack at a second pace. And to ensure a balance between attack and defense, he is helped by the more voluminous Lyakh or Kalugin.

Super-passive defender and the most versatile forward FNL

Now – briefly about not yet well-known players who also make a difference in each of the lines. We have already named two – Samoshnikov and Magal formed two modern flanks for the 3-4-3 module. I believe that the Premier League is already peeking at Samoshnikov with his speed data.

Another inconspicuous hero is the 24-year-old central defender Bozhin, who moved from the Torch. He has a rare, just fabulous for the FNL long pass with his left foot, which gives the team an additional option to attack. Bozhin performs 10-20 long transfers with high accuracy per match, is able to deliver the ball to both flanks (on both flanks, because he plays in the very center) with diagonals, and directly to the front line of the attackers. And he also aggressively behaves in someone else's penalty area, jumps high – and managed to score two goals after the corner.

The second key player (and, perhaps, the main star on the field) “Torpedo” – forward Ivan Sergeev. Last season, he demonstrated striking abilities, scoring 16 goals in the PFL, and in the new he continued to grow – and became a star already at the FNL level. Now Ivan has eight goals in nine rounds and leadership in the sniper race.

Success Sergeev brings its versatility. He plays equally well both above and below. Useful in the game, finishes qualitatively. But its main quality is the ability to open under various types of gears – both flank and deep longitudinal ones.

He maintains the offside line, perfectly searches for space and knows where to settle down and where to move in order to be the first on the ball.

Already in winter, representatives of the RPL will probably begin to take a closer look at Sergeyev. Including Tambov, which at one time refused the striker.

Standards and luck

In no case can it be argued that the “Torpedo” now looks the strongest in the FNL and will definitely break into the elite division. The team is still characterized by instability, it has not fully felt confidence in its own abilities and plays with differences. With difficulty and big nerves he defends the winning score almost every time.

In some games, standards pulled it out (which, by the way, Ignashevich also managed to score – two goals of Bozhin's defender looked identical in the season, and the penalty played in the last round was just beauty), in some – banal luck or goalkeeper play. For example, “Torpedo” miraculously fought off in Voronezh in the first round, and even from Vladivostok should not have returned with a victory.

However, there is a suspicion that in the future, “Torpedo” is only able to add. The team has a good balance between experience and youth, a clear style can be traced, purebred goals appear, which I want to admire. Ignashevich is really cool. Perhaps next season we will see him in the Premier League.

Used data WyScout and InStat.


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