Little else can be added about the universe Mortal Kombat at this stage. Fans show their worship with independent games (you should not miss Defenders of the Earth or Outworld Assassins) and curious productions that laugh in the face of Hollywood, but today we are going to explore its technical side. Mortal Kombat It increased its violence in recent years, and that demanded both a visual and sound evolution. So how do they achieve those effects of bodies split in the middle, heads torn from punches, amputations and other horrors during the fighting?

Any movie can be a visual delight … and end up wasted if it is not accompanied by a good soundtrack. Audio quality is especially important in some genres, including terror. Imagine the average zombie invasion. They scream, groan, rot as they walk, pluck meat and brains, chew, devour. The sounds must be convincing and chilling at the same time, without exceptions. The trick? Use all kinds of materials: Fruits, vegetables, chicken meat, and even wet towels.

Now, What happens to video games? It would not be crazy to think that the demands are even greater. If there is something wrong with the audio, the players are going to find it, and will be relentless with your comments. Today we will study the case of the saga Mortal Kombat. Its fatalities and other specific attacks enter through the eyes, but on more than one occasion we have asked ourselves how their disgusting sounds are made. After all, those deaths are brutal …

The sounds of Mortal Kombat

To find out, nothing better than a visit to the headquarters of NetherRealm Studios (masterminds behind everything that is MK) in the city of Chicago. There, the people of VICE discovered that there are no major differences between creating sounds for MK and zombie movies. The recording environment is relatively small, and its simple tools (knives, hammers). Nuts, green peppers, grapefruits, and even bananas They are very useful in the development of disgusting sounds.

The rest of the work is done in front of the computer. The sounds are processed, amplified and distorted until you get an effect compatible with the damage on the screen. In each session there is creativity, tests, errors, and I would dare to say Too much fun. Would you like to do something similar? If the answer is yes, you can improvise a small study, or start with sounds already made.



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