Gearbox comes, as we felt it coming for a few days, to announce the development of Homeworld 3, more than 11 years after the last appearance of the game in the news.

A few years later, Gearbox acquires the license, but the news stopped with the announcement of the HD remake of the first two opuses. Developped by Blackbird Interactive, Homeworld 3 first went through a fundraising campaign Fig, completed in less than 24 hours, which is amazing with a publisher such as Gearbox behind.

What we understand however through the page of the game is that, in addition to the extra money, the developers have wanted to test the ground to gauge waiting, and wish that they have a influence on development. Gameplay side, we are promised to big space battles, exploration in debris fields, and various multiplayer options.

For the moment in pre-production, Homeworld 3 is not not expected before the end of the year 2022, but we already know that it will be a quasi-direct result of the 2. At the controls of the project we find Rob Cunningham, who served as artistic director on the first two opuses, while the music will be composed by Paul Ruskay, who takes over his role.

Homeworld 3 back from the dead

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