The lawyer of Alejandro Toledo, Heriberto BenítezHe said that the former president is not a fugitive from justice and that, in reality, "he is out of the country."

He argued that according to his "technical reading" of the legal status of his sponsor, when the ex-president left the country he did not have a warrant for the arrest.

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"I would say that it is outside the country, it is the technical reading that I give it, the Public Ministry and the attorneys surely do not agree with that," he said in a dialogue with Radio Nacional.

He also considered that there are "irregularities" in the prosecution's prosecution folder against the former president and that for this reason, the leader of Possible Peru has received a "social conviction" from the population of the country.

"There are no minimum guarantees with everything that has happened in their proceedings (…) If they saw the amount of irregularities in the tax file. Toledo has not been allowed to appeal, they have given him a prison without hearing it. They have said: 'First I put you in jail and then I take your statement ', that is called early penalty. That's why Toledo has received a social conviction and 90% of the country sees him guilty, "he said.

The former congressman considered it "regrettable" that the Constitutional Court (TC) has rejected the appeal of habeas corpus presented by the defense of Toledo Manrique against the request for extradition to the United States approved by the Executive, because, for him, he did not address the issue of background.

"The decision of the Constitutional Court has been unfortunate because we requested that the supreme resolution granted by Alejandro Toledo's active extradition be annulled for three reasons: the Peru-United States international treaty was not complied with, there was no imputation document (accusation) , since it is in the preparatory stage and the violation of due process, "he said.

About the 40 thousand dollars that were found as evidence at the time of the arrest of Alejandro ToledoBenítez asked to keep in mind that the ex-president and his wife Eliane Karp had an order to seize all their accounts in Peru.

"Here Toledo has frozen part of his CTS, his congressional pensions. I understand that if they have money and they freeze it, the only place where they can keep it is in a house," he said.

On the purchase of tickets for Israel in 2017, Heriberto Benítez He stated that this was done when the extradition process was not yet initiated. "When he started, Toledo did not move from the United States, he was not hidden, his name was not changed, he lived normally," he said.

Finally, the lawyer of the former head of state stressed that the prison system of the Santa Rita prison is so strict that Alejandro Toledo It has been isolated from other inmates and that implies "inhuman treatment."

"The prison system of the Santa Rita prison is so strict and there are people at risk and danger who obviously forced Alejandro Toledo to be isolated so that he is not with the rest of the inmates and his life is in danger," he said.

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