In Izamal, Yucatán, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador learned about the conditions in which the rural hospital operates IMSS-Wellness of this municipal head.

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This program IMSS-Wellness It will continue and it will be improved. He will have a budget for medicines, so that they have the specialists they need, the necessary equipment and facilities improvements and to basify all workers in the health sector, the president said.

There is already progress in social programs, such as the delivery of the elderly pension.

Here in Izamal, I already have the report that this support is being given to older adults, according to my report 93 percent have already received it, two thousand 849 older adults have to receive it and two thousand 657 older adults are already receiving this support . Look, just this program for Izamal, in one year it means an investment of 43 million pesos for all older adults of Izamal, ”said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico.

The governor Mauricio Vila He promised to improve the conditions in which the state health service is, for which it is required, he said, help from the federal government. Specifically requested support to overcome the saturation experienced by the General Agustín de O'Horán Hospital, located in Merida

When they cannot attend you at any hospital in Yucatan, where do they send you? At O’Horán and when one arrives at O’Horán, no matter how much effort our doctors, our nurses do, work always exceeds them. And this is where we need your support, Mr. President, and we talked about it a little while ago, we have several works that can help us get O'Horán Hospital to get some air and provide more service. The first is the maternal and child hospital that we have in the city of Mérida, ”added Mauricio Vila, Yucatan governor:

The president invited villagers to change their habits by eating, exercising, preventing diseases.

Also, the health sector, he said, must begin to change his mentality and also prevent those who already suffer from evil.

Between the Insurance and the ISSSTE there are 16 billion in hemodialysis, 16 billion is what goes to hemodialysis. Well, we have to act more in prevention to avoid the problem, because it has to do with poor diet, because it has to do with obesity, because it has to do with alcoholism, because it has to do with junk products. So, everything we do preventively will help a lot; if not, we will be healing sick rather than preventing disease. It's a different concept, ”said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico.

He also supervised the rural hospital IMSS-Bienestar de Acanceh

He heard there the call of medical staff to remodel the x-ray area, among other urgent needs.

To improve the sector, the first step, he said, is to fight corruption and monopolies of the sale of medicines.

They are thinking that they will bend us, I already gave the instruction, the corruption ends, and if necessary, we buy the medicines abroad, but the corruption ends, we will not allow it to continue stealing ”, said the president

This Saturday continues his tour of Yucatan.

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With information from Carmen Jaimes



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