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Khalid Mujahid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said the initiative to eliminate waiting lists for surgical operations is continuing, so as to prevent the accumulation of more waiting lists.

Mujahid, during a telephone conversation with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, in the program «on my responsibility», on the echo of the country channel: «We are in the second phase, which is the prevention of accumulations, and we have so far performed 229 thousand operations for free, between the operations of chest and open heart and ophthalmology A brain and nerves, and a cochlear implant. ”

The health spokesman said that hospitals affiliated to the ministry conducted 64% of the operations, while university hospitals carried out 27% of the operations that were conducted, stressing that the patient does not bear any financial cost.

Mujahid pointed out that the British Minister of Health praised the initiative to eliminate waiting lists and asked her to the Egyptian Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, to exchange experiences in this regard, as well as the request of the British Royal College to activate a program dedicated to family doctors in Egypt, in the form of an accredited diploma to be transformed into a fellowship. He explained that 70 doctors were trained, with the aim of graduating a thousand doctors to work in family medicine.

Regarding the expatriate screening campaign of the 100 million health campaign, Mujahid said: “We target the survey of expatriates from children and adults, through 309 survey points distributed over the different governorates of the republic, and the owners of positive samples are referred for free treatment, and more than 77 thousand expatriates have been screened. In Egypt, 182 cases have been treated. ”

He pointed out that most of the arrivals who visited the survey points are Syrians, Palestinians and Sudanese, pointing out that the period of work of the points was extended at the provincial level to accommodate the largest number of arrivals.


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