Dr. Khaled Megahed, Advisor to the Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs and Spokesman for the Ministry, said that the Egyptian medical pilgrimage clinics had received 75319 cases as of Friday morning.

The cases varied between 70167 cases in Makkah and 5152 cases in Medina, stressing that Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, follows the mission of the mission daily to ensure the continuation of providing the best medical service for Egyptian pilgrims.

For his part, Dr. Amr Qandil, medical attaché in Saudi Arabia and the general supervisor of the medical mission of the pilgrimage, to enter 261 cases of Saudi hospitals, while leaving 206 cases after recovery, and there are 55 cases are still receiving the necessary treatment so far.

He added, "Kandil," was a dialysis of 27 cases in Saudi hospitals until this morning, after the return of the number of patients with kidney failure to the Egyptian territory, while 9 other cases received chemotherapy.

Qandil pointed out that the mission team is coordinating with the Saudi hospitals before conducting dialysis and chemotherapy sessions to ensure that Egyptian pilgrims get the best medical service. The medical team of the mission passes daily to all the hospitals where the pilgrims were detained to check on them. Their health.

Qandil confirmed that no cases of infectious or epidemic diseases were discovered among Egyptian pilgrims until this morning, pointing out that the preventive team continues to organize awareness seminars for pilgrims to introduce them to preventive measures to be followed, and the distribution of brochures and leaflets to avoid infectious diseases and how to prevent them.

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