In order to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the Dr. Darío Contreras University Teaching Hospital, its director, Dr. José Aponte, revealed that 59 percent of the center's budget is destined to cure patients with physical trauma caused by traffic accidents.

He pointed out that of the 250 to 300 patients he receives daily, 22 percent correspond to these types of patients who arrive in the waiting room of that trauma hospital.

“We are always in search of improvement. This is a teaching hospital, which in addition to teaching, scientific research is exercised, therefore we are continually renewing ourselves, ”said the doctor.

He said that they have the specialists that the center deserves and that they are also professors of the five different residences that compose them.

“In this commemoration of the 59th anniversary, the objective was to exchange experiences and socialize scientific medical cases of the different hospital residences, which is why it was done in honor of Dr. Osvaldo Marte, Head of Neurosurgery Service, who was the subject of an emotional recognition for his outstanding work of four decades, ”he said.

Similarly, the Salvador B. Gautier Hospital participated in the development of the scientific conference, with the theme “Hip fracture of the elderly material of osteosynthesis versus arthroplasty”; Surgical Traumatologist Prof. Juan Bosch, presenting the paper "Childhood cerebral palsy, by Dr. Elidelmys Arroyo Luna and Traumatologist Ney Arias Lora with the testimony" Complex injuries and distraction ontogenesis ", with Dr. Rafael Ben.



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