The man was finally stopped by the police while he was hiding in a bush. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

He shoots a woman and runs away. A 30-year-old man was taken into custody for attempted murder on Tuesday, after wounded in his rifle.
hunt a motorist with whom he had just had a traffic accident, in La Garde, near
Toulon (Var), we learned from police sources.

Out of her car after the accident, around 12:30, the driver was hit on one shoulder, victim of the shooting of the other motorist, said the Departmental Directorate of Public Security Var, confirming the initial information of Morning Var. She was transferred to the hospital, but her days are not in danger.

Found hidden in a bush

The gunman, born in 1985 and known for acts of violence and destruction dating back to the late 2000s, according to the Toulon public prosecutor's office, then fled in his vehicle before striking a bus from the local transport network. and to escape on foot, the investigators said. He was found half an hour later, hidden in a bush.

At this stage of the investigation, the circumstances of the accident and the motives of the mis en cause are still unclear, including whether he knew his victim or not, said the prosecutor.


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