Ahurissant! The images in this video show a man driving the self-driving car and his passenger drowsily asleep Sunday around 3 pm in Newton, Mass., USA, after having activated the autopilot function of their car.

Convenient to make the road while resting: turn on the engine of his autonomous car, make a small and even a big nap and wake up fresh on arrival like a roach. It is no longer a dream, it seems. At least, an American couple uses his Tesla to travel.

The images filmed by Dakota Randall, an American from Massachusetts speak for themselves. And as he told NBC10 Boston: "I looked and saw someone who seemed to sleep at the wheel. I thought, "It's not possible." So I got closer to see and the driver had his head between his legs. He was fast asleep. Apparently he was in autopilot at about 90 km / h. "

And the video he posted on Twitter shows indeed what he describes. He also had to take some risks in order to film this surrealist scene.

The author of the video added to his testimony that he had honked several times to wake the two occupants of the electric car, but they had not moved an iota.

Tesla's defense

The manufacturer reacted after the video broadcast and stressed on its website that "all new Tesla vehicles are equipped with the equipment that will be needed in the future to enjoy a fully autonomous driving in almost all situations" but sleeping driving should not be possible.

"Many of these videos seem to be jokes or hoaxes. Our driver monitoring system regularly reminds drivers to stay focused and prohibits use of Autopilot when alerts are ignored. Tesla owners have driven billions of miles using Autopilot and data from our quarterly vehicle safety report shows that drivers using Autopilot have fewer accidents than those who do not use it, "the statement said.

"For information, it was not a hoax, in any case not from me. Maybe the people in the car were pretending to sleep, but I'm skeptical, "replied Dakota Randall on Twitter.


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