A little over a year before its release, Halo Infinite has reshuffled its management team, causing the departure of Tim Longo, creative director of the title.

This last does not seem to leave the team after a misunderstanding or a production problem, but due to the expected evolution during production. In fact, in a statement sent to our colleagues Kotaku, Microsoft states:

The roles and responsibilities of the different team members evolve regularly to meet the needs of a game, throughout the development.

Halo Infinite: Tim Longo, creative director, leaves the studioHalo Infinite: Tim Longo, creative director, leaves the studio

The company explains that besides this departure, planned, Mary Olson, until then executive producer, will now assume the position of principal producer. To highlight the continuity of production and reassure players, Microsoft says that Chris Lee continues to lead the global vision of the title and that the plans for the exit remain unchanged. Finally, as is the tradition, the publisher thanked the employee on the departure:

We are truly grateful for his many contributions to our games, our studio and the world of Halo. We wish Tim nothing better than the best in his future endeavors.

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