Grey’s Anatomy, Outlander, This is Us: Spoilers of the Week

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the cessation of many productions, a few series were broadcast this week. Let’s start with episode 6 of season 5 of Outlander where Claire and Jamie found the track of Bonnet the day before Jocasta’s wedding. In addition, Brianna and Roger avoided a disaster thanks to the knowledge of the historian. On the side of episode 19 of season 3 of The Good Doctor, our doctors faced a terrible earthquake. Besides, Shaun got stuck under the rubble with a victim and Melendez passed out … Who could die? Episode 19 of season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy highlighted secondary characters but ended on an overwhelming scene … Webber was rushed to the hospital …

This week was also marked by the Season Finale of season 4 of This is Us. Madison is actually the mother of Kevin’s twins but we wonder who he will marry … In addition, Kevin and Rendall are arrived at a point of no return. On the side of episode 8 of season 2 of Manifest, one of the mysteries of the series has been solved and we now know the identity of the three shadows that terrorized Cal. But what is the role of these three characters? On the side of episode 16 of season 5 of Supergirl, Alex has become Supergirl in his alternate reality. After learning of her father’s death, she decided to wear Obsidian contact lenses and got lost in this reality …

Episode 16 of Season 2 of Legacies was a remake of Once Upon A Time. Hope went to Josie’s subconscious and helped her fight the dark Josie … But Hope and Landon are still “asleep” or “dead” … In episode 15 of season 3 of Dynasty, Fallon has faced her maternal instinct and is now ready to fight with Liam for custody of Connor. On the side of episode 15 of season 3 of Charmed, the power of the Three was finally back and the three sisters were more powerful than ever. Let’s finish our spoilers of the week with episode 12 of season 7 of The Blacklist where Red got a brief love story. However, he finally chose his family and wanted to stay with Liz and Agnes.

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