Somehow they seem to like helicopters at Ubisoft. Already in the intro of Ghost Recon Wildlands, released in 2017, we are in the helicopter on the road, and in the upcoming successor Breakpoint we flutter in the helicopter over the world. Until the thing crashes and from then on we will be one of the few survivors to fight mercilessly with other elite soldiers.

While playing we were able to try the three main parts of the tactical shooter in a pre-release version: In the campaign, we are only on the way as a single player. Then we tried out how the fight continues with three others. And at the very end we were able to face a team of four opponents in player-versus-player mode (PvP).

After the start of the campaign with the crashed helicopter, we are on our own in Breakpoint for a few missions to become familiar with the control from the shoulder perspective and the general operation. If you still know how Wildlands worked, you should warm up quickly with Breakpoint – although there are a few differences, especially in the menus.

One of the new features is the Progress System, where we increase the levels of weapons and equipment, character and skills in all game modes. In the campaign, we do it in one of four difficulty levels. We choose the default, that is the second simplest. At the highest level, hits are more or less instantly deadly to all concerned, there is little help from menus, opponents are much more aggressive.

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It is currently unclear whether the enemies are displayed on the overview map. In our difficulty level, we see it as a kind of nebula drawn red, but even in the highest difficulty they are visible – we suspect that Ubisoft corrected until the release.

When we play, we are very happy to know the approximate position of the enemies. The enemies are also anything but cannon fodder in our difficulty level: Breakpoint sends us into battles against elite soldiers, who ultimately enjoyed the same kind of training we have our protagonist, whom in the game all Nomad call.

The ads at the top of the screen reveal: Here we fight in PvP mode Ghost War. (Image: Ubisoft / Screenshot:

The enemy forces of the Wolves have brought the (fictional) Pacific island of Auroa under their control. In fact, a billionaire named Jace Skell wanted to stomp a settlement called World 2.0 out of the ground to explore new technologies at a campus. When the Wolves and their leader Cole Walker are in power, one of the questions is: what about Skell, is he working with the Wolkers and his army? We need to find that out during the campaign.

First, we rattle off the crash sites of other helicopters, but only find corpses there – and more often encounter enemy soldiers. The first we can sneak around or kill silently from the back with the knife, sooner or later, however, can not avoid firefights. After a good two hours and a long hike, we end up in a camp that allies have tucked away in the mountains of the island.


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