Comedian ridiculed the news of the exorbitant spending of his wife – actress Christina
Asmus Garik Kharlamov told where his money actually goes.

The other day, in some publications published messages about
that the humorist’s wife spent a tidy sum on vacation in the Maldives. Supposedly
Christina Asmus robbed her husband to the skin.

"The yellow news considers my expenses, but indicates inaccurate
numbers. I decided to calculate everything myself and honestly tell how much and what I
I’m spending, ”Garik reacted violently to Instagram posts.

Kharlamov also published a series of collages in which he brought the situation
to the point of absurdity. The artist told how and where he spends his exorbitant

For example, Garik Kharlamov said he opened a fast
supply to the ISS and invested 80 million euros in it. Adopted a cub seal for 134
523 million rubles. He plans to create his own troops, for which he has already allocated
funds – $ 100 million. Also spent six billion dollars on
buying a device that delivers pistachio ice cream directly to the brain.

By the way, the humorist’s wife – Christina Asmus – is really in the Maldives
had a good rest. The star flew to the resort with her daughter Anastasia. In his
On the microblog, the artist often shared pictures of local landscapes and herself beloved.


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