Fyler: I want to renew my family without unfair terms

Al-Ahly coach Rene Filer revealed the scenes of the Red Club negotiations with him to train the team before the start of the current season, stressing that he is happy in the Red Castle and there is a common desire to renew his contract, which ends next summer.

“There was no room for discussion,” said Feiler, in his first television appearance on “On Time Sports”. “It is not possible to reject an offer from Al Ahly. It is a big club and I did not hesitate for a moment to assume the technical leadership of the team in order to provide good results.”

He added: “I was not afraid, I respect all the teams but I am not afraid of any competitor, there is confidence in my abilities and my work with the assistive body, and I did not fear any experience with any club, and the team had to be studied before accepting the offer in order to provide a good start.”

He continued: “The negotiations began with Khaled Murtaji, a member of the Al-Ahli Board of Directors on behalf of the club, and it was like any negotiations by conducting an initial interview in order to study the offer, until we agreed on the terms and spoke extensively until I worked with the club.”

He continued: “Each party had a point of view, but I do not want to talk about the details, but I finally felt my ability to succeed that the masses were waiting for. I like to focus in my work without being affected by other things such as communication sites and the media, especially since Al-Ahly has large audiences that only accept Win. “

He continued: “The training of the Belgian Anderlecht was the biggest experience in my history before taking over the leadership of Al-Ahly, with respect to other clubs in Europe, but at the present time I am proud of the training of Al-Ahly.”

He continued: “I did not go through a preparation period and it was not the best for me, but I had to accept it because there was no other option, and we were able to adapt to that and bypassed this by achieving good results.”

Feiler moved on to talk about the renewal of his contract with Al-Ahly, saying: “We did not talk about the details, and we postponed the file because of the Coruna virus and I have not taken my decision yet, but I want to stay.”

He stressed: “There is an intention to continue without imposing unfair conditions on the club as it was reported, I am happy in Al-Ahly until this moment and the club also has a desire to continue.”

Feiler completed his statements by saying: “Happy with the auxiliary apparatus and there is mutual trust between all individuals, whether on the technical and administrative form, and there are no differences with the manager of the ball, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, as it was stated. Right”.



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