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In this message, the police did not trust their ears: A taxi driver reported that he had collided with a "big hamster". The police now provide a funny explanatory picture.

Update, 10th September, 13.17: Police Upper Bavaria provides explanatory image

The curious police report about the taxi driver, who collided near Freising with a "big hamster with very big teeth", has made headlines nationwide and made for amusement. The police headquarters Oberbayern North has now published a humorous post on Facebook to explain the (size) difference between hamster and wild boar for all the ignorant.

First registration, September 9th, 3:14 pm: Taxler collides with "big hamster"

Freising – The police Freising could not believe her ears when she received a phone call at about three o'clock in the morning on Monday. A 49-year-old taxi driver reported that he had collided with an animal coming from Attaching in the direction of Schwaigermoos. It was a "big hamster with very big teeth," reported the taxi driver.

Freising: Taxi driver reports collision with hamster – it was a boar

Locally, the police found that the man had pulled the dead animal next to the road. In fact, it was a wild boar. The driver was sober, on the vehicle was material damage in the amount of about 5000 euros.

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