Fortnite: protective bubble, new object, shield


The protective bubble will be added tomorrow to Fortnite and will deploy a shield dome to your location. The latter will stop all projectiles heading in your direction as long as he has life.

A new highly situational object will be added to Fortnite very soon (probably tomorrow by the way). The Protective bubble may be thrown to the ground to provide you with projectile shelter. But why would a game like Fortnite, which already offers the possibility of building a shelter anywhere, need such an object? The answer is probably in the description of the object:

"This is a bubble that is difficult to explode, protect yourself from projectiles with this domed shield."

"Difficult to burst"We are told that the protective bubble should be particularly strong, so if you are in a crossfire and your buildings are being destroyed even faster than you can build them, activating a protective bubble should give you the necessary breathing space. to heal or revive an ally.

The protective bubble should be available in tomorrow's update.


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