While Batman the Black Knight landed on Fortnite, the datameters fished juicy information about a possible bundle of cosmetics showcasing Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the famous streamer.

It's the leaker FortTory which was the first to expose an audio file of a noise pickaxe busy collecting resources. This file is named "NinjaStream1H Pickaxe".

Earlier this month, another data collector noticed a file called "CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_NinjaStream". Together, these data seem to indicate that Epic is currently looking into the creation of a bundle whole (tools of collection, holding …) with the image of Ninja.

A maneuver bringing together the game and the streamer which seems quite timely. Recently Ninja has signed an exclusive contract with Mixer, the platform of streaming from Microsoft, and the blue haired star is still recovering from its former subscriber count (14 million).

For its part, Fortnite has recorded since June a severe decline in its viewership, who is not going to manage after the "break" of stream started by Tfue and the all-out critics addressed to Season 10 of the game.


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