Feeling betrayed by Adil Rami, Pamela Anderson had announced their separation on social networks.

A veritable serial where one learned, according to the version of the model, that the central defender was violent with his ex-companion and that he led a double life. " He came to see me at my hotel. Security took care of him. I now have a bodyguard … because it scares me ", She confided last June, frightened by the behavior of the French who failed to win despite repeated attempts. Invited on the American show The View, Pamela Anderson came back on this episode.

" I did not want to pay attention to him because that was exactly what he wantedshe said. (…) I knew from the beginning … and this problem is very important because it affects many women and it is awful. As a result, the Canadian fled the country reluctantly. " I loved living in France, it was the good thing, she regretted. I learned a little French and now I'm home, I'm back on Vancouver Island, which is my home. In the meantime, Rami left France for Fenerbahce in Turkey.


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