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How is coronavirus spread in the overseas territories? How fast is the number of Covid-19 cases changing in each territory? Overseas the 1st invites you to follow, day after day, the progression of the disease in the French territories of the three oceans.

The Covid-19 virus would have entered France for the first time on January 16 through a Chinese tourist. It appeared overseas a few weeks later. It was in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, two islands in the Antilles, that the disease was first detected on March 1.

The map below models all the cases announced every day by the health authorities of the overseas territories, from the official appearance of the disease in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy on March 1. A first focus of the disease is visible after a few days in the West Indies. Guadeloupe reached the epidemic threshold on March 19. A second home was then born in Reunion. The virus is progressing more slowly in the Pacific. Despite everything, it has been present in Polynesia since March 11 and in New Caledonia since March 18.

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These are first of all four territories of The Atlantic Ocean who formally announced Covid-19 cases: Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy on March 1, the Guyana March 4 and then Martinique March 5. It was then necessary to wait almost a week for the presence of patients in the two other basins to be confirmed. The 11th of March, The meeting, in L’ocean Indian, and the Polynesia, in the pacific, announced, in fact, both a first case.

The next day, Thursday March 12, the Guadeloupe formalizes the appearance of the disease in the department of Atlantic. Two days later, she was reported to Mayotte, archipelagoIndian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique. Finally, the New Caledonia does not escape the disease: the first two people reached arrive on this island of Peaceful March 18 aboard an aircraft from Australia.

To date, only two areas have been spared, the two smallest in terms of area and population: Saint-Pierre and Miquelon in L’North Atlantic, as well as Wallis and futuna in the Peaceful.

First death recorded on March 15 : an 86-year-old woman living in Sainte-Luce in Martinique and who was hospitalized. She may have been contaminated by a family member returning from a cruise. A second death is recorded in Guadeloupe March 20th : a 71-year-old woman who had ARS comorbidity factors.

In general, in overseas France, the number of cases is increasing steadily until March 20. As of Friday, March 21, the number of cases increases faster. The overall result is then close to 200 cases.

If the figures may seem low compared to those of France, they must be analyzed with regard to the population of these territories, the capacity of hospitals and nursing homes, as well as sanitary conditions: distance from large health centers, frequent running water cuts and unsanitary housing.

It is only ten days after the onset of the disease in Overseas that the authorities of the two territories announced their first cases: Wednesday March 11 in Reunion, Thursday 12 in Guadeloupe.

In the department ofIndian Ocean, The first patient is an 80-year-old resident of Saint-Denis, who returned from a cruise in the Bahamas and who transited through Paris. During one week, from March 11 to 18, the number of patients increased steadily and relatively slowly until reaching 15 cases. From Thursday, March 19, the spread accelerates: 28 cases are announced by the ARS, an assessment almost doubled in 24 hours, which testifies to the intensification of the transmission of the disease on the island. This total figure multiplied by 2.3 again over the next three days, from 28 to 65. The start of confinement, March 17, does not stop the phenomenon, because according to the scientific advice put in place by Emmanuel Macron, “the epidemiological effects of confinement can only be observed from a period of two to three weeks”.

The propagation curve is significantly different in Guadeloupe. A first peak was observed on March 16 when the number of officially registered cases fell from five to 18 in 24 hours. On this day, the state of health emergency is announced for the overseas territories. From Thursday March 19, if the progression of the virus continues, it seems to slow down. The number of new cases decreases (+6 on March 20, +5 on March 21, +2 on March 22) and the curve tends to flatten. On March 20, Guadeloupe recorded its first death: a 71-year-old patient with co-morbidity died of the disease. Guadeloupe lists 56 cases per 400,000 inhabitants, The meeting 65 cases per 850,000 inhabitants.

On Thursday March 5, the ARS of Martinique confirms the presence of the disease on the territory: two cases were treated by the SAMU. If the spread seems contained in the first days, a first peak is visible around Sunday, March 15. The number of cases was then multiplied by two in 48 hours to reach 15. It was on this day that Martinique also recorded its first death linked to Covid-19: an 86-year-old patient succumbed to the disease. A new level is reached on Thursday March 19 (32 cases) then on Sunday March 22 (44 cases). The number of cases then doubled in four days, less rapidly than in Guadeloupe and Reunion.
To go further, consult our interactive map updated several times a day with the latest reports and the latest information on the Covid-19 in each of the Overseas Territories.

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Methodological details

This article is updated every 24 hours.
The data are those made public by the ARS, the prefectures, the high commissions and the governments of Polynesia and New Caledonia.
The dates indicated are those of the territories: thus, a case detected on March 22 in Polynesia, while the Hexagon is already in the day of March 23, is listed on the date of March 22.
For the map, only one geographic point has been chosen for each territory. The health authorities’ reports do not allow precise location of each case. The Northern Islands, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, have been grouped together.


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