Samir Mahmoud Othman, the new chairman of the Egyptian Football Federation's referees committee, responded to criticism of him for his previous work as an analyst at Al-Ahly TV.

Mahmoud Osman told the channel "mbc Egypt": "The work in the channel does not cause a burden on me, I do not have a program, but I was doing analysis, and do not analyze the whims of the channel and this is something the Zamalek audience knows before the audience."

"Not all people can agree on you, and I endure all that is said about me and strive for success."

He continued, "I was honored by assigning me to the chairmanship of the Referees Committee and I will complete the work that was done before me. I have 3 goals. The first is justice among the referees to ask them for justice in the matches. 5 years on the international list. "

"We are entering the new season of the league with 35 referees, 25 referees will be announced at the beginning of the season and 10 referees will be qualified from the first division."

The president of the referees committee said that the next season of the league may see the use of foreign referees at the request of clubs, but not the same number of referees last season.

"We want the competition to be successful with Egyptian referees," he said. "In the previous season, we used 34 refereeing teams last season. This will not be repeated next season."

"When I am ready to manage all the matches with Egyptian referees and the clubs to be receptive, we will stop bringing foreign referees."

On the use of video judgment technology, he said: "You need very high material cost and trained referees, and this process is not easy and requires a license from the International Federation first and therefore we will work on it from the beginning of the season in order to apply in the season after the next."

"The fifth judgment must be used in order to implement the VAR technology."

The head of the referees committee denied the suspension of international referee Jihad Grisha after the match between Al-Ahly and Pyramids in the round of 16 of the Egyptian Cup.

"Jihad Grisha has not been stopped," he explained.

"I did not say I would stop Jihad Grisha, and this decision was not made."

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