Liverpool's new goalkeeper Adrian has described his Reds fellow animals as a sign of their physical strength and dedication to defending the goal.

Liverpool's defense was the best in the Premier League last season, with two goals in the first two rounds of the season.

"For me, as a goalkeeper, I think they make easy decisions," Adrian told his club website.

"Frankly, they defend everything like animals! They help me a lot," he said of his colleagues in the Red Line back.

“ It's really easy to play in front of you because they were the best defenders in the Premier League in 2018-2019, and we have one of the best defenders in the world, '' he said, referring to Virgil van Dijk.

Liverpool are set to face Arsenal on Saturday in the third round of the Premier League.

Adrian is expected to be in the Reds' lair due to injury to Alison Baker, the goalkeeper.

Adrian joined Liverpool just two days before the start of the serious season and found himself taking part mainly after the injury of the Brazilian.


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