The Egyptian club will try to decide their qualification for the next round of the Confederation during the first leg, and to make the return match more calm.

Egyptian coach Ihab Galal held a press conference on Saturday ahead of Sunday's match against Malindi City.

"My goal is to decide to qualify for the next round of the tournament tomorrow," Ehab Galal told the press conference.

"We will try to achieve a positive result in the first leg, which gives a significant boost to the players before the second leg, which takes place after about two weeks."

"The coaching staff watched two matches for Malindi and he was able to stand on his strengths and weaknesses. They have a strong midfield, which is the strongest line of the team."

"The pitch is very bad, and that will affect the players. Yes, the team has adapted a bit on the pitch, but Malindi, who used to play on artificial turf, has a preference."

Djalal follows the position of Sheikh Mokoro. The player's name is on the African squad, but I will not join him for fear of the ambiguity of his participation and will not be present at least, while waiting for what will be notified by the club's lawyer. From sharing. "

"The team is now ready to meet, which is the starting point of this tournament, which everyone enters inside the Green Castle with great motivation in order to reach the maximum extent, to achieve the aspirations of the great fans of Egypt," said Egyptian captain Amr Moussa.

The Egyptian will meet with Malindi City on Sunday evening, in the first leg of the second round of the African Confederation.

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