Mustafa Mohamed scores and celebrates Zamalek goal against Al Ittihad

After the stubbornness of Al Ittihad and the steadfastness of Imad El Sayed, Zamalek finally won and qualified for the Egypt Cup final with great difficulty.

Zamalek defeated Al Ittihad of Alexandria 1-0 and qualified for the Egypt Cup final awaiting the winner between Pyramids and Petrojet.

In that difficult game, which went on to two more games, there are some things we learned from the meeting.

Submit it to you Five things we learned from Zamalek's victory over Al Ittihad of Alexandria.

A bigger role for Mustafa Mohammed

After substituting, he scored the winning goal for Zamalek and led them to the Egypt Cup final. Mustafa Mohamed once again proves that he deserves a bigger role with the team.

Mustafa Mohamed has scored four goals in three games for Zamalek since his return from loan. A promising striker knows the way to the net and may deserve to be a regular in the coming period.

Shikabala and fixed balls

Mahmoud Abdel Razek took "Shikabala" as a substitute against Al Ittihad of Alexandria.

Since Shikabala is one of Egypt's best players in history, the 33-year-old must be more trained in the coming period.

Shikabala will be able to win several matches once he substitutes with one fixed ball, ending the match.

Naqaz is useful offensive

Zamalek's right-back Hamdi El-Naggaz has continued to perform well in the last four games. The Tunisian full back was the star of the first meeting today against Al Ittihad of Alexandria.

Although the gravity of the Naqaz is less in the absence of Shikabala, which represents a distinctive duet with Naqaz, but today was also the biggest sources of danger with his distinctive crosses on the heads of his colleagues.

We can say that Nagas is useful for Zamalek offensive, but he is still suffering on the defensive notch and the delay in return is key to the formation of dangerous opponents against his team.

However, this is Zamalek's fourth match recently, three of them with Meizhou, all without receiving a goal.

Problem terminating attacks

Zamalek have scored 15 goals in their last four matches. Despite the large number, it does not reflect the fact that Zamalek continue to have trouble ending attacks in front of goal.

Zamalek squandered many opportunities for the Union of Alexandria. With the feet and heads of Yusuf Ibrahim "Obama", Omar Al-Said, Shikabala and Mustafa Mohammed, not everyone was successful in front of the goal because of the brilliance of Imad Sayyed Hina, and because of wrong behavior at other times.

Meizhou brought in a special assistant coach to train players to end the attacks, and Zamalek fans are still waiting for the result of the man's work.

Offensive strong

After the new deals Zamalek, the team now has a strong bench replacements, and is able to turn the game scenarios in the case of the inability of the basic.

Today we saw Shikabala on the bench with Mustafa Mohammed and Imam Ashour. A trio can participate as a starter, and then we will see players like Mohamed Onagem, Youssef Ibrahim, "Obama" and Omar Al-Saeed in their place.

Zamalek fans may have to rest assured that the bench is on the offensive.

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