In many games, raids are the endgame content. They are heavy, need a lot of experience and often time. The more a player invests there, the higher the reward should be, right?

Fallout 76 player finally makes the first raid and his reward is more than disappointing

Well, Fallout 76 seems a bit different and rewarded player Kaelynath after winning the new Endgame Raid Vault 94 with a useless piece of scrap, The price for his effort was a shapely drill, Incidentally, his three comrades were allowed over one each legendary three-star item looking forward. Fate really did not like him well and he shared his suffering in the Fallout 76 subreddit.

Drill production must have gone extremely well before the world of Fallout 76 became a nuclear post-apocalypse. Many three-star opponents seem to carry this tool namely and with in Sub-Reddit the problem of useless loot has been known for some time. The not very rare drill has even received an honorary title and bears the name of game director Todd Howard "Rod of Howard", After all, he is something special now.

Fortunately, the community saved Kaelynath the day and a Reddit user offered him 10,000 caps for the drill and actually bought him. The buyer called himself a simple art collector when asked why the offer was high. Although Kaelynath did not have a great loot, but got one of the funny Fallout 76 stories that make up the community. But he probably would not have said no to a first-class item.

Maybe we should also include the "Rod of Howaed" drill in this article:

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Even if the person concerned uses the story with humor, it was disappointing. Which raid or game has caused you the biggest disappointment so far? Write your experience in the comments.


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