Former Bayern head coach Carlo Ancelotti is currently under contract with SSC Naples. However, he does not seem to be satisfied with the premises of the Italian club.

Carlo Ancelotti has made a clear statement on the current state of the cabins in the San Paolo stadium, the Serie A club arena. "I looked at the condition of the cabins at San Paolo, I'm speechless," said the starter in an official statement on his club's website.

Background: The stateroom of the stadium should be renovated this summer. Ancelotti continues: "I have responded to the club's request to make the first two games away from home so that work can be completed, and you can build an entire house in two months – and they have not even managed to renovate the cabin. "

The exterior: The stadium San Paolo in Naples. (Source: imago images / Picture Point LE)The exterior: The stadium San Paolo in Naples. (Source: Picture Point LE / imago images)

The renovation work should have been necessary. The stadium was opened 60 years ago, on 6 December 1959.

"Where are we going?"

According to Ancelotti, there is still a lot to do in the catacombs of the stadium. But in a timely manner are important home games for the club, which not only plays in the first Italian league, but also in the Champions League, on. Ancelotti: "Where are we going to relocate for the games against Sampdoria and Liverpool, I'm outraged by the unprofessional nature of the people doing this job."

And he added, "I notice the scorn that is being shown to the team, the club and the city, and I'm upset about that."

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