The price of the euro today, we follow the latest news of the price of the euro against the Egyptian pound in banks, especially the National Bank and Banque Misr and other banks, as well as the price of the euro now on the black market, in the framework of the search for the question how much the euro today in Egypt.

The European currency is one of the foreign currencies of a distinguished position at the international level, as a result of its direct association with more than twenty European countries, where the economic activities of various activities and areas in the single currency.

Euro rate today in Egyptian banks

Through the following prices table, we follow with you the Euro rate today in the National Bank and Banque Misr, in addition to a group of banks operating in the Egyptian banking sector, where the price of the euro in Egypt as follows:

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Egyptian Banks Euro rate of purchase against the Egyptian pound Euro selling rate against the Egyptian pound
Euro rate in the Central Bank of Egypt 18.4151 18.5315
Euro rate in the National Bank of Egypt 18.324 18.5446
Euro rate in Banque Misr 18.324 18.5446
Euro price in Bank of Alexandria 18.31508 18.55575
Euro prices in CIB 18.3351 18.5558
Euro prices in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 18.4987 18.7071
Euro prices in Bank Audi 18.3837 18.5781

The price of the euro on the black market in Egypt today

The price of the single European currency (Euro) on the Egyptian black market slightly exceeds the prices traded in official Egyptian banks, the price of the euro on the black market today between 18.55 Egyptian pounds to buy and the price of 18.65 Egyptian pounds for sale, and the euro price in the parallel market from region to Other.

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