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Epstein wrote a testament two days before suicide

The financier was accused of sex trafficking by minors; he committed suicide in the cell of the pre-trial detention center. Before his death, Epstein transferred all of his assets, including two islands, to a trust fund.

Jeffrey Epstein

(Photo: AP)

Financier accused of sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein wrote a will two days before committing suicide in a detention center, according to the New York Post and Bloomberg, citing documents sent to the court.

Before his death, on August 8, all of Epstein’s assets were transferred to The 1953 Trust. Their total amount amounted to $ 577.67 million, which is $ 18 million more than was indicated in court documents when the defense asked to be released on bail, NYP notes.

This amount includes Epstein’s assets in hedge funds and other investments ($ 194.9 million), a mansion in New York ($ 55.9 million), as well as vehicles, real estate in Paris and two islands, worth $ 63.8 million and $ 22.4 million

At the same time, the document did not include a collection of objects of art that should be evaluated, Bloomberg notes. The directors of the will are Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, both of whom have long served as Epstein’s lawyers. After the last will of the financier is fulfilled, each of them will receive $ 250 thousand. As they were instructed to manage the funds, it is not specified.

Examination confirms suicide of billionaire Epstein

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