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Monday 09 September 2019

Cairo – Masrawy:

Again, Netflix has stirred controversy in the Arab world with the series "The spy," which tells the story of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, executed in the 1960s.
"The spy" has rated 7.7 on the site "imdb".

Serial announcement

The series, produced by Israeli producer Gideon Ruff, tells the story of the spy Eli Cohen, who served the Israeli Mossad in the early 1960s and collected information about Syrian military plans under the cover of the great Syrian shipping businessman Kamel Amin Thabet. Before being detected and executed.

The series deals with the story of the rise of this spy and how Israel planted it inside Syria, and the information he passed on to the Zionist entity.

– Who is Eli Cohen?

Eli was born in Alexandria on December 26, 1924 as Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen, to a family who emigrated to Egypt from the Syrian city of Aleppo, enrolled in his childhood in Jewish religious schools and then studied engineering at Cairo University but did not complete his education.

Cohen was a tactful speaker, proficient in Hebrew, Arabic and French, and joined the Zionist movement at the age of twenty years, and emigrated from Egypt in 1957 after the Suez War.

After his arrival in Israel, he first worked in translating the Arabic press into Hebrew and then joined the Mossad.

In order to plant Cohen in Syria, he was sent to Argentina in 1961, in a Syrian Muslim figure named Kamel Amin Thabet. He succeeded there in building a good reputation as a successful entrepreneur enthusiastic about his native Syria, and his friendship with the Syrian military attaché Amin al-Hafiz, who later became president of Syria, was established. Cohen moved to Damascus in 1962, where he built relationships with high-level figures, senior army officers, community and trade men and lived in the neighborhood of Abu Rummaneh, adjacent to the Syrian army headquarters.

According to the great writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, Cohen was uncovered by Egyptian intelligence, whose officer spotted Cohen within those around Amin al-Hafiz in Tire while inspecting military sites, but Syrian authorities said then that their security services had uncovered it with technical assistance from Russia.

He was then monitored by Syrian intelligence, who arrested him and sentenced to death by hanging in Marja Square in Damascus on May 18, 1965. Israel demanded Syria's remains of Eli.

Netflix networked the series starring comedian Sasha Cohen, a well-known British comedian, screenwriter and producer, of Jewish descent, born October 13, 1971 in Hammersmith, west London.

Sasha was awarded the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Comedy for his role in Porat, Sasha was born to a Jewish Orthodox family where he is the youngest of three children, Sasha's father is a Jew from Wales while his mother was a native of Israel.

Cohen said in a statement to the newspaper "New York Times" about the series: "I got to know Eli Cohen from the description of the character written in the scenario of the series, and I felt that it represents a very extreme side I do not know of my character, and the risks were very high for the nature of his work, because the failure He was either imprisoned or executed, and Eli Cohen was the greatest (realistic actor in life) of the twentieth century. "

The series was released on "Netflix" last Friday, and did not calm the state of controversy on social networking sites, and the series issues a list of Google Trend in Egypt, Syria and many countries in the Middle East.

The state of controversy and uncertainty in Netflix 's trends in the Middle East sparked the second action after "Angel", which was also shown from an Israeli standpoint.

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