EHC Basel fires coach – despite good season

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The EHC Basel played a good season in the MySportsLeague. It was only the Corornavirus that prevented Basel from playing the final series against Martigny and thus also before moving up to the «Swiss League». The decision to fire coach Robert Othmann came as a surprise. Sports director Olivier Schaublin comments on this decision.

Consensual contract termination

«Yes, it is very clear that we played a better season than last year. We analyzed the whole situation in the management of the club and came to the conclusion that time management is important for the club. Othmann’s triple burden of: job, father and EHC was extreme. That is why the agreement was terminated by mutual agreement », says Oliver Schaublin.

The Corona crisis did not doom for the trainer. Even with a potential ascent, the paths would have separated. «We played a good season and the sporting aspect has nothing to do with the separation. We would have needed a professional trainer for an ascent anyway, ”explains Schaublin.

EHC hopes to find successors this week

The club also has the exact profile of the new coach in mind. “The successor must have time resources, be able to work with boys, have experience and have the necessary social, professional skills,” says the sports director. And further: «The search has progressed. Immediately after the decision to split up with Othmann, the search for the successor began. We hope to be able to present a new EHC trainer in the next two or three days ».


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