He knows that death is chasing him and that lung cancer is the end of his journey with tobacco, and yet still inhales the smoke through a cigarette or shisha, preferring that deadly habit for his health .. He is a smoker who is not paying attention to the tragic end of smoke that ends his life in a moment and suddenly without introductions As if stepping into suicide indirectly and gradually.

The dangers of smoking, which reach cancer and sudden death, have not only affected the smoker, but extends to the surrounding people, whether they are family members or co-workers, to become a person who ostensibly takes a "cigarette" or shisha, but in fact it is dealing with fatal poisons, but provides them to the surrounding To face everyone sooner or later the disaster of death.

The state is moving

The State has translated its efforts towards preserving the health of citizens in the form of steps on the ground and has allocated 30 clinics to quit smoking;

Smoking cessation clinics

The clinics are available in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Dakahlia, Sharkia, Gharbia, Menoufia, Beheira, Ismailia, Giza, Assiut, Minya, Qena and Aswan.It is available in Sadr hospitals and some mental health hospitals spread in these governorates and works daily from 9 am to 12 pm.

25% of the Egyptian people use tobacco

Egypt is one of the highest in the Eastern Mediterranean region and in the world, according to a statement issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) office in Egypt.According to national surveys in 2017, it was found that about 25% of the Egyptian people use tobacco by 22.8%.

More than half of Egyptian youths are exposed to secondhand smoke in homes by 48.9 percent and more than a third in the workplace by 36.5 percent.

smoking dangers

Dr. Ahmed Sabry, a specialist in respiratory diseases, explains to Al-Ahram Gate that smoking makes the lungs very thick in the smoker and black, which hinders the lungs from doing their job, and it destroys the cilia that get rid of dust, impurities and harmful substances that enter the lung during breathing and the person suffers Difficulty breathing, pointing out that a smoker dies early several years earlier.

In the process of smoking, the human body's tissues are affected by the toxins carried by tobacco. The cigarette ignited and burned by the smoker in minutes contains 4,000 toxic substances, the most dangerous of which is nicotine and carbon monoxide, as well as 37 substances. Carcinogenic.

Guarantees of success

Dr. Hala Yousry, a professor of sociology at the Desert Research Center, explains the allocation of smoking cessation clinics that the Egyptian human health ranks high among the political leadership, which came under the directives of which the government translated into government initiatives.

She described the sociology professor, the existence of government initiatives to quit smoking by demonstrating the value of human and its importance as a citizen and an influential individual in society and even a partner in sustainable development, and advised the need to join hands with youth centers and cultural palaces and NGOs and the use of youth in leading these initiatives, especially awareness campaigns on the dangers of smoking and the need to quit.

She stressed that young people must be addressed in the same language and the same sex and age group in order to deliver the desired fruit and pointed to the need to use social media in awareness campaigns as a guarantee of success of the government initiative to quit smoking.

Smoking devours the budget

Dr. Ali Idrissi, an economist, told Al-Ahram Gate that smoking consumes the head of the household's budget, which is an injustice to his family members, as this money can be directed to another consumption that benefits everyone, instead of directing it to provide a cigarette or shisha that meets a need. Individually and destroy the health and even the health of those around him.

Al-Idrissi explains that a smoker spends about 25% of his or her income on smoking. As for the low-income, they spend about 40% of their salary on smoking, explaining that low-income people are always given priority to smoking and getting a cigarette over food. Priority for food then get a cigarette or shisha.

Smoker speaks to Al-Ahram Gate

A 36-year-old government employee said he used to smoke from a young age because of the nature of the environment, where he grew up between rocks and mountains that force a person to smoke (from a point of view) as well as a love of tradition for the father and grandfather since childhood. Junior and I Bchufhm Bdkhnoa associated with the scene I have maturity and strength. ".

1000 LE per month for cigarettes

He adds, that he spends on smoking about 1000 pounds per month, pointing unfortunately to the damage of this deadly habit, but did not find an incentive to quit, especially psychological support, both from those around him or specialists such as doctors.

Demands to include smoking cessation drugs for health insurance

Dr. AR, a professor of general surgery at a government hospital, told Al-Ahram Gate that 1 in 6 citizens die from smoking worldwide.

He calls through the "gate of the pyramids" to include drugs to stop smoking under the umbrella of health insurance to be free of charge, which encourages many smokers to quit the habit, which leads them and their surroundings to diseases and death.

The smoker enters the circle of addiction

Dr. Walid Hendy, a mental health consultant, told Al-Ahram Gate that all smokers fall into the circle of addiction without feeling because they are used to coercive and forced repetitive actions, which affects their weak will and inability to make the right decisions in the timings. Necessary and makes them characterized by acute mood and excess nervousness and tension and permanent impulsivity and lack of good appreciation of the positions with the relative lack of control over emotions.

Angina, pulmonary embolism and cancer

He adds that the dangers of smoking did not stop when the smoker suffered angina, pulmonary stroke, cancer and other serious diseases that lead to death in the end, but pursues these risks is dangerous around him and harm them from his children and through his wife and all the way through the negative smoking Around it by inhaling it and being affected by all its negative consequences for both mental and physical health.

Children of smokers get scientifically delayed

He affirms that the children of smokers are studying late in the preparatory and secondary levels and their intelligence is reduced as a result of the brain being affected by the toxic substances resulting from the process of smoking. Therefore, the state's efforts to establish 30 anti-smoking clinics as another building block of the Egyptian human being, Citizen.

Demands to tax tobacco products

He calls through the "gate of the pyramids" to take other measures to eliminate this negative and deadly phenomenon, such as increased taxation of tobacco products such as honey and cigarettes and others.

Addressing the mental health consultant through the "gate of the pyramids" smoked person, saying: "If you do not fear for yourself from death and the deterioration of the economic situation and robbed of will, you should fear for the pleasures of your livers and their dependents of orphans, invocation and need."


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