Egorov told whether to wait for women referees at RPL matches

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Head of the refereeing and inspection department of the Russian Football Union Alexander Egorov told whether to wait for women referees at the matches of the Premier League.

“We plan to introduce four guys to the RPL. On the 19th there will be an executive committee, hopefully after that we will announce them. I won’t say the names yet, suddenly something will go wrong. They are now judging FNL.

Is the appearance of women possible? That season, Pustovoitova was preparing for the World Cup, we gave her several PFL games and a youth championship. In our opinion, the experience is not the best – it’s hard for a woman to judge men's football. At least with us. If they are ready, we will consider this option. We have young girls who worked in the FNL Cup. If they grow up, we will attract them with pleasure, ”Yegorov said in an exclusive interview with the“ Championship ”.

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