During his last concert, Ed Sheeran explained to his fans that he wanted to devote himself to his family life. He will take a break!

This is news that certainly will not please Ed Sheeran fans. Indeed, the latter announced that he was going to make a very long break in his career. It was during the last concert of his Divide tour that he made this revelation. The British media, The Mirror, present during his presentation on Monday, August 27, relayed his words. The young man confided: "As you may know, I've been on tour for Divide for two years now, and today, it's the last day of all that ".

The artist has also added on stage: "I love the idea that you're here, and we're finishing it here in Ipswich. This is my last concert before about 18 months. (…) It was a day full of emotions. It's a bit like you're in the process of break up with your girlfriend" .Furthermore, on his latest Instagram release, Ed Sheeran seems to be saying goodbye to his fans. Indeed, he wrote: " 9 million people, 893 days, 46 countries, 175 cities, 260 shows, 268 crew members on tour, 193265 miles traveled, 2 broken arms, 3 weddings, 4 babies ».

Ed Sheeran takes stock of her career

On Instagram, Ed Sheeran also said: "What a crazy hike this Divide tour was. The whole process of writing the album from 2015. Then his recording in 2016. His promotion, its put on the road to play for all of you. It is so weird to put him to bed and move on. Thank you to everyone involved in this whole Divide process. All the people who contributed to the creation of the album. All the people who contributed to the promotion of the album ».

Finally, the singer concluded: "All the fans who listened and who came to watch. It would not not possible without you. I especially want to thank my fantastic tour team, who gave his life for 2 years and a half to help me realize my dreams. Thank you for all your work. And your constant friendship. The Divide tour – 2017 -2019. Officially, the biggest tour of all time, so weird to say, and we survived!" .