Duchess Kate Middleton is on this diet

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Feel-good pound, frustration or baby fat: Kate Middleton (38) does not know all of this. Since she has stood at the side of Prince William (37), the beautiful brunette has been slim and slim.

But her hammer figure is no accident. The Duchess of Cambridge follows a strict diet for her fitness. Healthy eating and lots of sport are her beauty secret. This includes a lot of discipline!

As the “Mirror” now reveals, the triple mom starts her day with a healthy, green smoothie. In addition to blueberries, the Royal woman also throws algae, cabbage, spinach, lettuce and coriander in the blender. Cheers!

Even at lunchtime, the 38-year-old does not just pop in at will; she relies on light meals. Salads with watermelon and goji berries and a delicious gazpacho are very popular. Fish cooked in acid or bulgur salad are also served at Cambridge.

If a baby is born during the day, the calorie counter takes a blueberry shake with almond milk.

Only at night will Kate treat herself to something substantial. Especially when she is at the stove with her three children.

Particularly popular with the Cambridges: pizza with bacon or pasta in a creamy cheese sauce. Every now and then Kate also serves up her husband’s favorite dish, namely a crispy chicken from the oven.


What do you think of Kate’s diet?

Great, I’m going to mix myself a smoothie – for the royal glow.


Well, she has a great figure, but I wouldn’t be worth such a strict diet.


Hearty dishes are still a rarity for Kate Middleton. Whenever possible, the British woman eats a curry or soup in the evening. Alcohol, on the other hand, is rarely on her table.

Because with her diet she doesn’t just want to keep her body in shape. It also helps her to get the necessary royal glow. An insider knows: “Kate already has the perfect figure, but her motivation is to achieve glowing skin.”



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