César “El Abusador” Peralta was recorded on numerous occasions by the United States authorities detailing his narcotics trafficking plans, and he could even identify the routes he used to transport drugs, cocaine in dominant volume, between South America, the Dominican Republic and North America .

In one of those recordings, Peralta points out that he transported twenty kilograms of cocaine by plane to Puerto Rico in 2017.

Elsewhere, César Peralta describes the routes for narcotics trafficking between Antigua, Barbados, San Martín and Fajardo, in Puerto Rico, with which he moved the cocaine he bought in the Dominican Republic and South America.

In one of those conversations, also in 2017, Peralta described the transfer of drugs, by sea, from the Dominican Republic, leaning on a ship that left from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Faced with these tests, “César El Abusador” must face once his capture takes place. The United States authorities have asked the Dominican Republic for the extradition of this man, who since last August 20, when he began his search, has become the most wanted in the country.

Against César Emilio Peralta weighs a formal accusation in Puerto Rico for drug trafficking and money laundering. That formal accusation was produced by the Judicial District of San Juan, on November 28, 2018. That case has a replacement indictment issued by the Southern District of Florida on April 11, 2019. It also has arrest warrants in Both jurisdictions

Based on the indictment of the Southern District of Florida, of April of this year, it is that the American justice has requested their extradition, using the Chancellery of the Republic, which in turn sent them to the Attorney General's Office. LISTÍN DIARIO has had access to copies of the accusation and the request for extradition.

In order to justify the exorbitant profits produced by the illicit drug trafficking business, Peralta used a broad network of money laundering, according to the United States authorities.

And, in addition, he regularly paid sums of money to security officers in order to avoid his arrest and prosecution.

The United States authorities define César Emilio Peralta as a Dominican citizen who was born on January 30, 1975. Described by his informants as a Hispanic man with brown eyes and black hair, five feet five inches tall. Its approximate weight is about 140 pounds.

"Law and order authorities believe that Peralta is in the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo," says the accusation of the US federal authorities in the document, which was delivered to the Dominican staff of the Attorney General's Office on July 16 of the present. year. The operation for its capture was mounted a month later, on August 20.

The federal charges against Peralta have been raised for the trafficking of five kilograms or more of cocaine, five kilograms or more of heroin and for possession of one or more kilograms of narcotics. The penalty could be up to life imprisonment, in case of not collaborating.

Last Thursday, the US ambassador to the Dominican Republic defined César Peralta as “the head of the snake”, and said that at this time the operation on his case was in “a delicate moment”.

All this while there have been intense rumors of alleged approaches with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to surrender, putting as a condition the release of his sentimental partner, Marisol Franco, who today has pending the knowledge of a measure of coercion against him .

Yesterday, the National District prosecutor, Rosalba Ramos, denied that a negotiation process with César Emilio Peralta is being routed for delivery to the authorities.

The accusation against him

He is accused of receiving shipments of multiple kilograms of cocaine and heroin from Colombia and Venezuela and that these shipments were then sent to Puerto Rico and the United States. The money that resulted from these illegal activities was then returned to the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

"The investigation revealed that the accused César Emilio Peralta is the leader of this transnational criminal organization that operates from the Dominican Republic," said the Attorney General's Office in one of the requests for coercive measures submitted to the court against part of its Associates

He is accused of having acted in drug trafficking for 20 years, learning alongside the first large local lords: Florián Félix and Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo, supplying their absences when they faced legal proceedings, and assuming the narcotics business. The expansion of its network put it close to the world of entertainment by installing half a dozen discos and bars in Greater Santo Domingo.


Your case in the USA. The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury announced on Tuesday, August 20 that it appointed César Emilio Peralta and the Peralta Drug Trafficking Organization (Peralta DTO) as important foreign narcotics traffickers in accordance with the Law of Appointment of Narcotics Traffickers of Foreign Narcotics (Kingpin Law). OFAC designated eight additional Dominican citizens for providing material support, or acting for or on behalf of César Emilio Peralta and the DTO of Peralta.

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