As World of Warcraft Classic continues to take control of Twitch, Dr. Disrespect refuses to play. He was so fed up that the viewers ask him to play other games that he threw himself on with an explosive shot on August 30th.

WoW Classic has stormed Twitch, as it is currently the most broadcast category at the moment, surpassing even Fortnite by nearly 100,000 viewers. But the famous Twitch star, Dr. Disrespect, refused to take the fashionable train, even mocking the MMORPG he compared to a kid's game. Now, he's fed up with people constantly asking him to play WoW or other games.

Doc was not happy with his chat

When it aired on August 30, Doc opened the show by quickly addressing spectators it calls "fanciful players" who have asked him to play different games in recent days. "They somehow slipped into the club of champions, and they began to slap me in the chat"said Doc before he launched a stern warning.

The streamer was really exhausted, because his speech became more intense and led him to give a direct warning to those who continued to ask him to play different games.

"If I see you beating your nasty gums, if I see your cheeks talking like that …he said grabbing both sides of his cheeks and began to imitate them.

"Play something else! Play something else! It's stupid! I'm better than you "Doc moaned, mimicking those who asked," Dr. Disrespect ended his speech with a stern warning. "I'm going to get you out of the arena, so watch your fucking mouthhe said.

In previous streams, some users of his chat spammed him to play WoW Classic or asked him to switch to other games. Clearly, this has now sufficiently enervated the Doc to fix it.

Twitch has undergone a dramatic change since WoW Classic went live on August 27th: even leading streamers, such as Shroud, came out of their comfort zone and made the leap into the MMORPG. Although many streamers play WoW, do not expect Dr. Disrespect to do it soon. And above all, do not tell him what to play, he will not do it?


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