He Mexican peso operated on Friday virtually unchanged and the stock market won, amid greater optimism of investors in business meetings between China and the United States in which tensions would have diminished.

Analysts anticipate that volatility will increase towards the close of the session, mainly in the stock market, due to the expiration of derivative instruments on indices, date known by investors as "Quadruple Witching Day".

The currency traded on 19.4520 per dollar, with a marginal loss of 0.01% compared to 19,4507 units from the Reuters reference price on Thursday.

During the week, the exchange rate of the peso against the dollar has operated in a range of between 19,500 and 19,3163 units, influenced by global news about monetary policy and trade.

In the debt market, the 10-year bond yield decreased five basis points to 7.0%, the same as the 20-year rate, which operated at 7.35%.


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