Do I have Corona or just flu? How to recognize signs & symptoms for Covid-19!

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Covid-19 and flu have similar symptoms

Coronavirus can also cause conjunctivitis

If patients only have conjunctivitis and no other symptoms, this rarely indicates a corona infection. If other corona symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath were also present, the suspicion of an infection would be confirmed – especially if the patients or their contact persons recently traveled or were in contact with those already infected with the coronavirus.

American ophthalmologists also believe that the virus can get into the eyes through the air and cause an infection there. The conjunctiva reacts to the intruder with redness, itching and tears – just like allergy sufferers also to pollen. The doctors therefore recommend protecting not only the mouth and nose, but also the eyes when in contact with the patient, because infection with SARS-CoV-2 is also possible via these.

Signs of flu vs. Coronavirus: what symptoms do I have and when?

How can I protect myself against the corona virus?

The best way to protect ourselves against the corona virus is to distance ourselves from every sick person or animal, explains RenĂ© Gottschalk, head of the Frankfurt Health Office. “That is enough. The virus cannot fly, it is transmitted as a droplet, so we are within a meter of one another in a safe area.”

And especially Wash your hands thoroughly – with soap and water!

We have clear instructions for you, which you can hang up for yourself and your children.

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