As you know, a paid subscription Discord nitro offers messenger users advanced capabilities within the platform, including access to free games. But, as reported, in October this will change, because the company seems to have decided not to compete with Xbox game pass, Uplay +, Origin access and others.
Discord said that the vast majority of Nitro subscribers do not actually play games, so access to the project library will be closed on October 15, and the Nitro Games catalog will be deleted. Until this point, all games remain available. The leadership said that they had "learned a lot" since the release of Nitro in October last year, and therefore decided to change the scheme of the service.
At the same time, it was stated that the abandonment of the games may not be pleasant to the owners of Nitro, therefore, the company promised to compensate for the subscription costs if customers apply for a refund. By the way, earlier the company abandoned the traditional store in favor of selling games through channels.

Discord also noted that the updated version of Nitro should be aimed at expanding the functionality of the messenger. The basic set of features will remain free. The most interesting thing is that prices will not change after disconnecting games. Nitro will still cost $ 10 a month.

Instead of game projects, custom emojis, a larger file upload limit (up to 100 MB), improved Go Live broadcasts, and so on will be offered. In addition, the developers asked users to tell us what features they would like to see in Discord in the future.


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