The game of the “bulls” is completely dependent on the “Krasnodar Messi”.

Matches with Porto showed that Krasnodar could win or lose only by the will of the coaching staff.

My good friend, while watching a game in Portugal, learned to swear in the language of conquistadors, and said the following: “I won’t watch Krasnodar games in the Champions League, I won’t stand such valid football, the game is unpredictable.” And he is absolutely right, the games of the “bulls”, which, having a significant advantage, can grandly fail everything in the last minutes – this is not for the faint of heart.

And this is the exceptional "merit" of the coaching staff of Krasnodar. Or rather, his mistakes in building the strategy of the game, the starting lineup, replacing players. As soon as the “bulls" get a strong opponent – wait for disappointment at the end of the second half, this is the law.

The start of the season showed that in many ways the result of the games of “Krasnodar” is influenced by the game of Suleymanov. Shapi is really a rising star, you can’t argue, fans already call him nothing more than “Krasnodar Messi”. But the strange decisions of the coaching staff, holding him most of the playing time on the bench, are not at all clear. A simple example: Shapi came out in the starting lineup in Portugal – the match fluttered sharply in favor of Krasnodar. As soon as he was put on a bench, the attack was blown off again. Suleymanov won the whole match with Tambov – everything went smoothly, without hassle.

Krasnodar know the value of their player, as well as their rivals. Perhaps that is why Bulls often keep their "joker" to the last. From the side it seems that the “black-green” play preference. Of course, a held ace can make the whole game, but not when you go to minuscule. And the Champions League for them is just a “miserable” in full, or the entire “bank", or clean-up departure.

The golden rule of preference states – under the whistling move with an ace. Since the Greeks will be “whistlers” in the upcoming match, letting Suleymanov out onto the field from the first minute will be the only chance for Krasnodar to qualify for the Olympiakos playoffs. And most importantly, to keep him as long as possible on the field, thank God, the guy has enough fizuhi. And at home, you can already “play around”, depending on the outcome of the match in Piraeus.



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