Present on stage in Bordeaux on the occasion of the Territorial Campus of LaREM, the Prime Minister spoke about the upcoming municipal elections. And especially on the rumors that sketched a possible candidacy of Edouard Philippe in Paris.

"It's happened recently that people say to me, 'Edouard, you should go and introduce yourself to such a place … It happened, I assure you …' It was told to me, and it was in Paris. very flattering and certainly very nice, but I tell you my friends, that makes no sense.For two reasons.There is an excellent candidate invested in Paris, his name is Benjamin Griveaux.He is intelligent, he is determined and he is tenacious […] And the second reason is that one is never a candidate other than where one is rooted, that one has in one's heart, in my head and in my guts, and I, my guts, they have a taste of salt water .. If one day I had to be a candidate, I do not see very well how it could be elsewhere than in Le Havre ", concluded Edouard Philippe about municipal.



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