Deutsche Post DHL does not like anymore: The company has confirmed that it will no longer deliver fresh food for Amazon in the name of the initiative Amazon Fresh. The previous cooperation will be terminated. The reason given is that the market for the supply of fresh food in Germany has so far been clear "far below expectations"Was left behind.

At the same time, the delivery of fresh food is a complex process. Apparently, one has calculated that at Deutsche Post DHL all times and sees there is currently no meaningful market. Amazon itself wants to stay tuned and already delivers the food distributed via Amazon Fresh via its own logistics network. The dealer therefore states that nothing will change for customers.

DHL Deutsche Post and Amazon had been working together for Amazon Fresh since the beginning of 2017. Now Amazon has to come to Potte without the former partner. Otherwise you do not want to comment further on the end of the cooperation. We will continue to offer customers a great deal and fast delivery.


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