The investigation shows that the young man's phone was on at the time of the police intervention. Until then it was thought that he had gone out an hour before.

This is a new element in the investigation into the death of Steve Maia Caniço. The phone of the young man, disappeared the evening of the Festival of the music in Nantes, "limited at the time of the police intervention" during which a dozen people fell in the Loire, reveals The chained Duck, relaying the first elements of the investigation of the judicial police. According to the satirical weekly, this last line was raised at 4:33 am on Wilson Wharf, the scene of the police intervention that ended the festivities.

The report of the IGPN administrative survey, made in mid-July, was simply an SMS sent at 3:16 am, more than an hour before the start of the intervention. Information that had, among other things, allowed the prime minister, Édouard Philippe, to conclude that "no link" had been established between the disappearance of Steve Caniço and the police officers, who had used tear gas and defense ball launchers.

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This discovery of the judicial police of Nantes illuminates in a new light the circumstances of the death of this extracurricular animator of 24 years.

  • How does one observe the demarcation of a telephone?

"To make or receive calls, the phone needs to connect to a relay antenna, also known as a" terminal "or" cell. "To do this, it will search for the strongest antenna around it and activate it. In this case, it is said that 'the phone has bounded' ", detailed Le Figaro in January 2018. This is also the case when the device receives or sends an SMS, but also when the applications of a smartphone work. In any case, it is necessary that the phone is lit and emits data.

The demarcation of Steve's phone at 4:33 means that until the police intervention, the device was in working order.

  • Why did the IGPN report not mention this demarcation?

The IGPN did not have access to this information. Rembobinons. When Steve's disappearance is reported by his family on June 23, it is, as is the custom, the Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) that is seized, and not the IGPN. The latter makes a requisition of "fadettes" Steve, that is to say, his phone records.

These last ones comprise three elements: the last call received or emitted, the last SMS received or emitted, and the hour of this call or this SMS, details the Service of information and communication of the national police (Sicop), contacted by L'Express.

"These fadettes revealed that a last SMS was sent at 3:16 am A telegram, administrative document, was then drafted", also explains the Directorate of the National Police (DGPN) to AFP. "The departmental security does not say if the phone terminal then, it simply indicates that the last SMS is at 3:16 and the last relay is engaged in the area Wilson dock," Sicop insists.

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On June 24, the IGPN received an administrative inquiry into whether the Wilson Wharf operation was legitimate. To write its report on the intervention of the police, the "police of the police" interrogates the officials present on the spot and gathers all the administrative documents which it has (cards of use of weapons, reports police … ), including this telegram from the departmental security.

But as part of this investigation, the IGPN has no right to make requisitions with telephone operators: it therefore did not have the time of the last demarcation of Steve's phone. Questioned by The ObsIn early August on the last SMS received by Steve, the director of the IGPN explains besides: "An official seized of the first investigation on the disappearance of Steve provided us this information, but it will be with the judicial inquiry open on the conditions of his death to check it. "

And it is in this context that the discovery of this boundary is made. The judicial police, which is in charge of the study of telephony, made judicial requisitions with the operator of Steve.

  • Is the investigation into Steve's death in question?

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe had argued that the IGPN report did not establish a "link" between the controversial police intervention and the disappearance of the 24-year-old man. "We can not say that Steve would have fallen into the water because of the police intervention, it can not be said that he fell out of the intervention either," said a senior official. the IGPN which referred to the "judicial inquiry".

The latter, which mobilizes more investigative means than the administrative inquiry, will certainly help to find out more. She had been expatriated in Rennes on September 4, a "consistent" decision for the lawyer of the family of the young man, "given the sensitive and political nature of the case".

"A man dropped into the water because of tear gas around 4:15 am reports that he saw Steve struggling beside him, that he tried to help him but that he could not help himself. and he saw it sink (…) These elements are necessarily in the investigation ", explained to Ocean PressJohanna, Steve's sister.

The lawyer of the Caniço family, Cécile de Oliveira, believes in any case that this discovery reinforces the theory of relatives of the young man. "That Steve's fall is concomitant with the police intervention was already the conviction of Steve's family, but it takes loyalty and courage to find the truth," she reports to L'Express. .


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