Danna Paola’s casting for “Elite” went viral on networks: this is how she achieved the role of Lucrecia

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Since its premiere on March 13, the third season of Elite has swept over Netflix.

For days, the Spanish series remained as the most viewed fiction on the platform in Mexico and Spain; a worldwide success that savors one of its main protagonists, Danna Paola.

Mexican singer and actress plays Lucrecia Montesinos since 2018, the most egocentric and classist student at the prestigious Las Encinas school.

Despite the difficult character of her character, Danna Paola managed to cunningly make him a favorite of the audience, to the point that many argue that Elite it would not be the same without “Lu”. And so his interpretation in Elite he consecrated his career and catapulted her to international fame.

Now, a year and a half after Netflix released the first season of the series, it went viral. a video of the casting with which Danna Paola achieved the coveted role of Lucrecia. Dressed in a black sweater, and with a Martini glass in hand, the actress spoke her lines in front of the camera.

“This is only supported with alcohol, drink”, begins the interpreter of “Hey Pablo.”

In the more than a minute clip, the Mexican artist performed one of the most iconic scenes from the first season, the fight with Nadia Shanaa, the student of Muslim religion and Arab descent who will be Lucrecia’s main rival during the three seasons.

In the first part of the series, “Lu”, the daughter of diplomats and coming from a family with great purchasing power, openly shows her displeasure at the arrival at school of new students with low economic resources. One of them is Nadia, who receives a scholarship to study at Las Encinas and demonstrates that she is an intelligent and capable student who will dispute Lucrecia’s place as “the first of the class”.

“With a headscarf, you must not think much, much,” Danna Paola says at one point in the video.

The performance of the Mexican actress during the test dazzled the casting directors. The experience and interpretive quality that it demonstrated it earned him the role of Lucrecia, and led her to participate in her first European project. And the casting video, which reappeared on social networks these days, already has more than four million views and 60,000 “likes”.

Now, long after that, the series became an international phenomenon and the actress enjoys the honeys of success. Just a few weeks ago, Danna Paola participated in the promotional acts for the third season of Elite in Spain. She traveled when the coronavirus crisis had not yet been unleashed there, and since her return to Mexico, she has remained isolated at home to serve a period of quarantine.

“Yes, I was able to leave Spain, it was complicated and I was still very afraid to get on the plane, but I’m fine. That they kept me in Spain is a lie, I’m fine. Thank heavens, everything has been fine, ”explained the actress.


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