Dr. Saad Mekki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Population in Dakahlia, announced the conduct of 1384058 cases of radiology in public and central hospitals during the first half of 2019.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, in a statement to "the seventh day," that the total number of cases that were conducted over the six months for the internal departments of hospitals X-ray has reached 35117 cases, 23252 cases of waves, 6316 cases of CT scan, and 689 cases of resonance Magnetic, 153 Doppler cases, 1765 binoculars, 1531 CRM cases.

He added that the total number of radiology cases performed in the departments of emergency and hospital departments has reached 214,786 X-rays, 107,922 waves, 17,971 CT, 1469 magnetic resonance, 797 Doppler, 160 mammograms, 95 binoculars, 35 cases CRM.

It is noteworthy that the radiology cases were carried out in 23 hospitals of Dakahlia governorate general and central of the Ministry of Health, namely: (Mansoura General, Mansoura New Year, Dekernes General, Sinbillawain General, Aga Central, Mit Ghamr Central, Talkha Central, Nabarouh Central, Sherbin Central, Belqas Central, Meniet El-Nasr Central, Central Aesthetic, Central Manzala, Central Matareya, Central District, Central Shubrsindi, Central Tammy Amid, Central Mitt Salsil, Central Gamasa, Central Damas, Central Atmida, Central Shubrahor, Central Kurdish).

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