Court rules Apple must pay for California workers during bag checks

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Los Angeles (AFP) – California Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Apple would have to pay employees for the time spent waiting for their bags and personal electronic devices to search when they leave work.

The decision means that the technology giant must pay millions of dollars to more than 12,000 hourly workers at California retail stores that come under the compulsory bag search policy.

According to court documents, Apple employees are required to determine a clock before applying for a retirement search which can be between five and 20 minutes.

On the busiest days, employees say that the time to stay can be up to 45 minutes. Persons who refuse to search their belongings are subject to control, including termination.

A previous court was alongside Apple, controlling the time that employees waiting for the exit searches cannot be considered as “working hours” under California law.

The complainants raised the case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal which asked the Supreme Court to address the issue of state law.

The state’s high court rejected its decision issued on Thursday’s Apple argument that it could avoid its employees searching by choosing not to bring a bag or iPhone to work.

A US Supreme Court decision noted that “mobile phones are part of the everyday life that is so pervasive and extendable that the proverbial visitor from Mars could reveal that they are an important element. human anatomy. ”

“The irony and inconsistency of Apple’s argument must be noted,” the court said.

“Characterization of the iPhone is an unnecessary thing for its own employees is at odds with its description of the iPhone as a ‘integrated and integrated’ part of everyone else’s life.

Apple representatives could not find immediately to comment on the control.

The Apple case is the third that considered the state’s high court in recent years about the minimum wage and time in which workers are controlled by employers.

In 2018, the court ruled that Starbucks must pay for work outside of the clock – such as going through the checklist to close the shop – this can last a few seconds or a minute over someone’s move.


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